Friday, 22 February 2013

Ceramic Altered Art!

I wanted to make something this valentines for my boys. Looking through my cupboards at a variety of chipped plates, I thought this would be a good starting point, new supper plates. I wanted to do something different for each one and didn't want them matching!
I've been looking into and attempting scrapbooking and altered art for while. It reminds me of my art school days where I constantly had a sketch/ideas book on the go, with writing, scribbles, doodles, scraps of paper, fabrics bulging out of one book or another that i took every where to collect and store inspiration to work on my next piece of work from- lovely, I really must start doing that again- note to self!
So a while ago I started to collecting various stamps, inks, papers and trinkets to make up interesting photo frames and albums of my family and friends to look back on.
This, I decided was how I wanted to style the boys plates, it would obviously have a different end result, as the layering would purely be 2 dimensional, using brush strokes and stamps, as opposed to the stamping, layering and building used in altered art- but worth a shot!
I am pleased with the results of my first plates, and the boys were thrilled. I did add little ceramic additions onto Bo's and Tobias' plates- not great for stacking though!

Finished middle eastern inspired silk painting

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Silk painting in Qatar

Bo and Tati are also painting. Bo has decided to paint a camel as reference to his Doha visit! And Tati is painting a beautiful 'T' in flowers.

Silk painting in Doha, Qatar!

I decided to paint a Persian townscape, I've got as far as the outlining- next week i will fill the white areas with the silk paints. Its such a relaxing activity, this maybe something we bring to wild raspberry!!

Silk painting in Doha, Qatar

On a family visit to Qatar, our host took us to Angela Walton's silk painting studio, where the children and adults were able to paint fabulous Arabic silk paintings!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Decopatch Hearts

We really are getting into valentines here at wild raspberry!
Try a decopatch heart. We used papers 525, 383 & 465 on a large puff heart with acrylic sparkles and for extra glitter we used decopatch sparkling glue, all available at wild raspberry: decopatch sparkling glue 150g £5.95, papers 95p per sheet, brush 95p. As a kit for 12.95

Mosaic hearts!